I did a short presentation this morning about Windows Small Business Server 2008. Whenever I talk about the number of things that this system brings to the table, I get really excited for the small business owner with whom I'm potentially going to be working because it's so common to come across offices that have a lot of technology investments but aren't utilizing them to improve their business processes and boost their overall productivity. Instead, they (and often their employees) feel unproductive, and sometimes even "beaten" by their computers. They believe "this is just the way it is with computers".

SBS offers a lot of the features that large business have come to rely on, but puts them in the perspective of a small business (up to 75 employees), running on a single server. This makes it affordable as well as relatively easy to maintain. Having everything centralized may initially seem like "putting all of your eggs in one basket", but a server is designed to have hardware redundancy built in.

By keeping everything in one central location, you realize several benefits:

These are just a few of the benefits. If you are a business owner with 5 or more computers/employees or you know someone who is, please have them give me a call to talk about their options with Small Business Server or any other technology questions they may have.