Wendy Swing

Administrative Coordinator

Wendy joined our team in 2020 as our Administrative Coordinator. She brings organization and order to the office through project management, customer service, and scheduling tasks so our team can focus what matters most – our clients. Before she joined us at TRS, she had extensive experience in other administrative roles. She previously managed customers as a Virtual Administrative Assistant and then later went on to engineer and track production in the manufacturing sector. Her administrative experience is an asset to our team and day-to-day operations. She also became a GA Notary Public in 2019.

Wendy describes herself as being motivated, empathetic, and loyal. She is extremely positive and finds joy in finding the good in things. No matter the situation, the glass is always half full for Wendy. She most enjoys meeting and talking with customers in hopes of making them feel happy and comfortable. With her superb organization and communication skills, she makes sure our office runs smoothly for the benefit of everyone involved.

When not serving as our office’s organization extraordinaire, Wendy enjoys designing/creating everything from stickers and signs to clothing. She hopes to one day travel to see the Northern Lights in person and believes strongly in the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) as well as Autism Speaks.

Wendy Swing Placeholder