Website Hosting & Backup Services

We provide quality, fast, secure web hosting for clients who use our web development services.

  • All Solid State Drive (SSD) servers
  • Secure HTTPS hosting
  • Off-site backups

Our websites are hosted in a secure datacenter with an all SSD based server.  This means that sites that are well-coded will load quickly.  This is important to the people looking at your site, but is also an important ranking factor for Google and other search engines.

Wherever possible, the sites we build and host on our new server run under Secure HTTPS rather than the non-secure HTTP protocol.  This is another ranking factor for the search engines but it also makes the consumers of sites more comfortable doing business with that company.

To protect our clients' sites from security vulnerabilities and accidental unwanted changes, we run backups of each account on our hosting server to an off-site location, namely the Amazon Cloud. These backups run every weekday night, every Saturday and on the 1st and 15th of every month with multiple copies retained.  We also have other safeguards in place to provide additional coverage. These multiple types of backups allow us to quickly restore a site to its most recent version quickly and efficiently.