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Sadie is an independent Havanese and not an employee of Technical Resource Solutions, LLC, therefore her comments are her own personal opinions and may not necessarily represent those of Technical Resource Solutions, LLC. Sadie has been participating in the IT industry since 2011 and loves greeting people, playing fetch and going for walks.

Dig to the Truth about Phishing

My humans bring me to work with them every day; they wouldn't have it any other way. Unlike my humans, I can sit in on meetings, listen to ideas and think about solutions to problems and then I can go take a nap: they can't. Life is good that way. But you know when life isn't good? When a customer comes in angry because they got scammed and wakes me up from my nap - it really raises the fur on the back of my neck. 

You see, I know the various methods hackers use when they are on a phishing expedition and my human's customers need to be watchdogs about it. I'll let you in on a little secret I have learned in this business: if it looks suspicious—it most likely is, but sometimes it can look 100 percent legitimate. 

You may receive a message from what looks like your:
  • Bank
  • Credit card company
  • Google
  • Microsoft Office 
  •  Web design company
  • IT company
  • PayPal
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Sniffing Out the Benefits of Windows 10

560461691508eMicrosoft tried to do too many things, too soon with Windows 8. Its desktop "tiles" resembled those used on a tablet or phone, but they confused people. Tablets were trendy, but crossovers were like genetically modified cats (the horror!); nobody knew quite what to do with them.

After being swatted on the nose often enough over Windows 8, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 this year. It's the first true hybrid version of an operating system that shares the best features of a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, and an XBox One. Think of it as the Labradoodle of the tech world: loyal, friendly, easy to bond with, but without the endless shedding and whatever it is that makes people sneeze.

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Working With Your Web Designer


Have you ever had one of those weeks when there's so much to do that you have cereal for dinner... every night? If you're an entrepreneur, of course you have! And part of the reason for that is because you take pride in your work, have a good work ethic, and want to ensure your customers are happy with the results.

Around our office, we have a lot of late nights. Lucky for me, I never have to resort to cereal for my own dinner, but the take-out food and caffeinated beverages consumed by some people in my office are always an indication that we're on a deadline, or we're trying to re-work a design that someone wants to tweak.

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Sit, Stay & Listen Before Buying Your Next Laptop

As someone with hypersensitive hearing, it's easy for me to hear beyond the words of a conversation, which means that if someone is really happy – or really frustrated – I know about it pretty quickly.

Sometimes people sound frustrated when they bring their new laptops or tablets to a meeting, and they've forgotten a cord, can't find a file, or find out their new device isn't compatible with their existing software. Business people like it when their applications work, when they can see the screen, and when they don't have to plug it into the wall to make sure it runs during an entire meeting.

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A "Value"-able Lesson

If there's one thing I've learned through my years of being the ears of Technical Resource Solutions, it's that there's cheap and then there's value – and cheap can end up costing more in the long run.

Last month, we talked about resisting the DIY route for your website. This month, we'll talk about the difference between a trained, experienced professional and someone who knows "just enough to be dangerous."

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Treat Yourself To A Professional Website

A lot of people come into our office, and I sit and listen intently at every meeting while they talk about the things they want in a website, and the things they don't; the things they like about other people's websites – and the things they absolutely don't like.

Where I have the advantage, you see, is that dogs have an uncanny sense for people's emotions. If someone feels confident, I can tell. And when they are unsure about something, well, I know that, too. And a lot of people are really unsure about what they want in a website!

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