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Monday, 24 September 2018

Nerves of Steel, Inc

Project Description

Nerves of Steel Inc is an organization dedicated to helping our veterans and first-responders. They wanted to make sure their website was functional and easy to navigate right out of the gate and that all their branding was uniform. They also wanted to be easily found on search engines and across social media.

We created a custom look from their business cards to tie in the American flag throughout the site- from the wide-screen sliders to the custom bullet points. We also created custom buttons and divider lines to really set them apart from the crowd. Their clients will be able to easily register and pay for any events with the events component, and Nerves of Steel can easily maintain and add new events on their own. Our forms component allows them to view and export all submitted forms into an excel file for easy management and record keeping. To help their SEO, we created many different social media outlets as well as made sure all their metadata was updated to full optimization.

Check out their website here!