Marketing Specialist

I love to create conscious and clever design, helping bring clients’ visions to life in ways they might never expect. I began crafting my design skills in 2012, putting a focus on metacognition – thinking about your thinking. I believe it is extremely important to know why, as a creator, you create things to look, read, and feel certain ways. This led me to become certified in Photoshop CS6 by Adobe in 2016. As I spent time in college, I quickly learned the importance of writing and the many ways you can utilize effective and efficient communication. Focusing on multimedia journalism and film theory in college, I not only expanded upon my writing abilities, but began to understand different modes of digital communication and how to utilize them. On top of it all, I spent 6+ years in a pizza kitchen, learning the value of speed, attention to detail, and great customer service.

When I’m not designing and writing, I love to spend my time thrifting with my girlfriend, going to as many movies as possible, digging for classic rock and soul records, and cooking pasta. One of my favorite artists is Matthew Dix on Instagram , who recreates modern movies for a release in the VHS-era, combing some of my favorite things – blockbuster marketing and popcorn.

  • Began Designing 2012
  • Adobe Photoshop Certification
  • 6+ Years in Food Service
  • Journalism & Mass Communication Studies
Tucker- Technical Resource Solutions