Office 365 Update

Office 365 is releasing a new semi-annual update with an AutoSave feature enabled by default. This will benefit those who worry about losing their changes while working on documents. 

It is important for all of our customers to be aware of this change so that there are no accidental changes to documents when working with templates, finalized documents and spreadsheets. 

AutoSave is enabled when a file is stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online. It automatically saves your changes to the cloud as you are working. And, if other people are working on the same file, AutoSave lets them see your changes in a matter of seconds.

This change will apply in the upcoming Semi-Annual Channel release in late September and will initially apply to Targeted Release organizations, then it will become available in the Semi-Annual Channel release in January 2019 for all Office 365 organizations.

Office365 cloud with multiple devices

What is Office 365? What do I need to do for this update?

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