Office Administrator

Most people know me as the Office Administrator, but most know me around the office as an overall helper. I love to be able to assist in countless ways to improve productivity and workflow here at Technical Resource Solutions. From being married to a programmer for 20 years, managing departments, to working in a high-volume production industry, I have crafted my ability to effortlessly multitask in my career.

A lot of my passion comes from my family; seeing my mother and grandmother’s creativity and work ethic is what drives me to help others in the IT field. When not at the office you can find me playing with my dogs, looking for a spark of creativity in an issue of Threads, checking out a recipe on FoodGawker, or polishing my green thumb.

  • Work Ethic & Creativity from Family
  • Worked in High-Volume Production
  • Oversaw Multi-Person Departments
  • Assisting in IT