Website Administrator

While some know me as a website administrator, others may know me as an SEO Guru. I love to work on new websites, and always strive to keep customers in the know as I’ve found that open communication is the key to success and efficiency. I learned this lesson as I spent time in the hospitality industry, and also as a substitute teacher. Each of these experiences contributed to my love of people and organization. Though in 2010 I started at TRS as an administrative assistant, I was eager to learn more so I earned my certification in Google AdWords and became a data nerd. It’s fascinating to see the cause and effect in the SEO world. There’s organization to it and it’s much like a puzzle that’s always changing.

When I’m not working on websites or SEO, I love to plan trips to feed my passion for traveling. I love living vicariously through #vanlifer, Sydney Ferbrache. If I need more local plans, I enjoy photography and hanging out with my animals. Whether you need a spark of creativity, a website trainer, or just an everyday problem-solver, I’m up to the task!

Jennifer Davis
Google Ads Display Certification
Google Ads Search Certification