Web Protection

Even though it is both necessary and productive, one of the biggest risks for any business environment is the Internet. With more threats surfacing every day, there needs to be a way to protect that environment.

Technologies like Antivirus, malware protection, and spam mitigation have all been around for a long time, but one less commonly used option is called web protection.  Some may also refer to this as Content Filtering.

This is an extra layer of protection, designed to be faster to react to daily threats than other options that have to be updated and then distributed to individual clients.  It is effective because it is a proactive method of dealing with these nuisances. 

There are two primary purposes for Web Protection:

  1. Prevent websites from being visited that are malicious
  2. Prevent the loss of productivity for staff members by blocking content by category or by individual sites

Our web protection system can be configured to allow or block by category, by site, and even by individual workstation.  This flexibility allows for the best protection of internal systems while still allowing the appropriate employees to access the websites that are required to perform their job.

Web Protection is a part of our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance system, available for a low monthly fee.

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