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Why Managed Information Technology Services are Best for Your Company

Hiring a sole external or in-house IT person or trying to manage the services on your own as the owner or manager of a business might seem like a good idea until you come across an issue that you can't fix; this happens often for many reasons.

Designated individual IT consultants or employees get sick or need to take extended leave, they go on vacation, take holidays and some just move on, leaving you vulnerable to any number of problems that might occur. Things are great when they are running smoothly, but when they aren't this can bring a screeching halt to production in the workplace. 

Synergy: "The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects."

Hiring a seasoned local IT Team like Technical Resource Solutions in Woodstock, Georgia to be your Managed Service Provider is all about synergy. The value of hiring us as your IT Team is that we work with you to ensure your system is always functioning properly, and when there are issues we are proactively notified so we can take the appropriate action. This greatly reduces the number of surprise emergency calls you need to make.

Remote monitoring and in-house maintenance as needed will ensure your system is running more predictably and efficiently. If a problem should arise, we are quickly alerted to correct a potential problem and stop it in its tracks. We have 24/7 monitoring on your servers, desktops, laptops, and even some network items, such as firewalls to keep us notified of their status.

We also provide documentation, security, and inventory services to stay on top of a variety of details, such as system test results, hardware and software changes, system information, potential cyber-attacks, and even tracking of which employees need training to help avoid some of these issues. In addition, our system keeps an inventory of all your hardware and software on monitored systems which allows us to make recommendations for which items should be fixed, replaced, or retired. As you can see, this truly requires constant monitoring and upkeep which is often more than any one person can handle if they have other day-to-day tasks they are responsible for within, or outside of, your organization.

As your local managed IT Team, we know your entire IT infrastructure and can monitor, update, or replace its components as needed. We stay current on the latest technological advances and remain aware of new threats that could potentially cause infrastructure harm and downtime. Come meet our team at Technical Resource Solutions in Woodstock – we look forward to seeing you!

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