Managed IT Services for Business

We are not a break-fix shop.

There are many IT Services companies that rely on computer systems breaking down and needing to be repaired.

We prefer to take a proactive approach and aim to prevent systems from failing to begin with.  We have a Service-based model.  Systems that run properly make employees more efficient and less frustrated by technology.

We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering both managed services and per-hour based services.

Our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance system (RMM) allows us to remotely track laptops, desktops, and servers to be sure that they are working properly and when they aren't, we are notified and can act on the issues rather than waiting for an end-user to report that there is a problem.

All for a low per-system monthly fee.

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Some of the features of our system

Maintenance is a necessary component of any business computer system or network. Each individual desktop computer and server has needs that must be met to keep them running optimally. It's easy to overlook this maintenance and as a result, systems can perform slowly or have issues that seem to come out of nowhere. By regularly addressing the many items that need attention on every computer, performance and reliability can be counted on over the life of each system.

We can create a schedule of maintenance tasks and implement them to keep you as efficient with your computer systems as possible.

System security covers a lot of areas, the most important of which is protecting your office systems from internet born attacks. They can come in many forms, and many believe that "hackers" are the primary problem. While hacking certainly exists and is quite common - many small business networks having hundreds of hack attempts per day that you may not even know are happening - the more common form of infiltration is from the actions of inside employees. These can come in the form of simply visiting web sites, downloading files, or viewing movies and jokes emailed from family, friends, or co-workers.

We can examine your systems, deploy protective software, and educate you on the ways that you can protect your business, computers, and data from prying eyes and modern-day vandals.

Documentation of your systems is very important. It's commonly overlooked and the only time it seems to be needed is when things go wrong and a service provider is hired to correct problems. Without documentation, every computer, file store, process, and backup must be identified each time to be able to effectively determine what variables may be involved in the issues you are experiencing. It is not uncommon, for example, for an internet domain name to expire (such as, causing your web site and email to be unavailable for what may amount to days of downtime. This happens primarily due to lack of documentation.

We can document your systems so that you know what you have as well as what things need to be updated or replaced due to age or support expiration.

While not typically as detrimental to the daily operations of your business as documenting what you have, keeping an inventory of both hardware and software is very important. By having an up-to-date list of what you own, it is easy to determine what hardware needs to be retired, what software needs to be updated due to obsolescence, and allows you to more easily stay compliant with licensing requirements.

We can establish and keep current an inventory of your systems and software.

Desktop and Laptop Services

Desktop Computers

A desktop computer is the most basic component in any IT environment. Because of how common they are in both homes and businesses, they are often overlooked and their maintenance considered unimportant. There are numerous Operating System versions, many productivity applications such as the Microsoft Office suite, and proprietary industry-specific applications that must be chosen and configured appropriately to make operations smooth and productive.

Server & Network Services


A server is simply a computer that has been given the function of "serving" a particular need to multiple users. These functions can range from file/printer sharing and hosted email to centralized database storage and hardware firewall functionality.

Microsoft Office 365

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We often recommend Microsoft Office 365 to our business customers.  The are many features available within the various subscriptions, Exchange Email being the most prominent and useful.

There are a lot of businesses that try to use free services for their email, even trying to circumvent the need for paid mailbox licensing by using clever names like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  These simply do not work as well as a true named domain account such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And using just a plain or or similar address is just a poor business decision.  The branding of the business is lost and email systems like this have far fewer service guarantees.

An Office 365 Business Essentials account (Exchange email, calendar, contacts + many other cloud features) only costs $5/month at the time of this writing.

Want to learn more or get setup?

Antivirus & Spam Prevention

Viruses, Ransomware, Phishing, and email Spam are some of the most commonly referenced computer buzzwords these days. All have become household words - below are descriptions of each.

Viruses, Malware, and Ransomware

Computer viruses have been around for as long as there have been personal computer networks to proliferate them, starting with the "Creeper" virus in the early 1970s. There are many thoughts as to what started them, but never a solid answer that applies to all of them. There have been stories that say they came from bored, unemployed programmers; that they are the creation of terrorists; that they are created by angry teenagers. The end result is that they can come from anywhere and can simply be written by anyone with a moderate understanding of computer programming. Due to the growing number and the many types that make up the broad term it's hard to establish an accurate number; though you may see anything from 10,000 to 1 million reported, with that number growing by as many as 600 per month.

Data Backup & Restore

Even if you consider yourself a small business, you probably have a lot of data - and it's all important. So few businesses back their data up, do so infrequently, or make copies but keep them in an insecure location. Backups can be a complicated and time-consuming task without the right tools.

Google Apps / G Suite

Google Apps for Business or the new name G-Suite is a combination of services from Google, provided for businesses to take the next step up from a personal account.

Web Protection

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Even though it is both necessary and productive, one of the biggest risks for any business environment is the Internet. With more threats surfacing every day, there needs to be a way to protect that environment.

Technologies like Antivirus, malware protection, and spam mitigation have all been around for a long time, but one less commonly used option is called web protection.  Some may also refer to this as Content Filtering.

This is an extra layer of protection, designed to be faster to react to daily threats than other options that have to be updated and then distributed to individual clients.  It is effective because it is a proactive method of dealing with these nuisances. 

There are two primary purposes for Web Protection:

  1. Prevent websites from being visited that are malicious
  2. Prevent the loss of productivity for staff members by blocking content by category or by individual sites

Our web protection system can be configured to allow or block by category, by site, and even by individual workstation.  This flexibility allows for the best protection of internal systems while still allowing the appropriate employees to access the websites that are required to perform their job.

Web Protection is a part of our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance system, available for a low monthly fee.

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