Harrison Jones

Technology Intern

Harrison is our Technology Intern who joined us in the Fall of 2019. He is currently pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems at Kennesaw State University and is studying for his A+ certification. Before joining us at Technical Resource Solutions, Harrison spent over five years in the animal care industry and is excited for his first technology-related position.

Harrison might be described as conscientious, resourceful, and a quick study, but in his free time you can find him playing tennis or fixing anything from cars to furniture to electronics. As far as how colleagues would describe him, Harrison said that they might say he is focused and friendly. His personal motto is “knowledge is power” and this is certainly evident when working with him. He is a diligent and motivated worker, enjoys seeing tasks through to their completion, and is excellent at staying upbeat and productive under pressure.

When asked about his #1 Bucket List item, he said that he hopes to earn a Wingsuit Flying certification, which requires you to have skydived 200 times in 18 months or 500 times total. Harrison cares a lot about the ongoing opioid epidemic, including the efforts of organizations and legislators to rectify it.

Joe Hogg