Technology Specialist

I have been fascinated by the intricacies of technology my entire life- and that’s not an exaggeration. It all started at around 12 years old when my best friend’s father, a network engineer, took the time to mentor me and help cultivate my passions. I eventually took on the role of personal IT guy for all of my friends; I always fixed broken computers and put things back together when nobody else could! Since then, I have been working toward receiving my Network+ certification and have the eventual goal to complete the CompTIA trio with A+ and Security+ certificates. I have real-world experience across a variety of industries, which further solidified my enthusiasm for solving tech-related problems. Technical Resource Solutions’ atmosphere and mission perfectly align with my goals of enhancing my knowledge and helping clients!

When I’m not rehabilitating computers or addressing network problems, you can find me watching Sci-Fi movies with my two cats and two dogs or playing Center position in an ice rink. But if you catch me between October and June, I’ll be rooting for my favorite professional ice hockey team, the LA Kings!

Garrett- Technical Resource Solutions