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5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Start the New Year Right

As the year comes to an end, many of us in the marketing world are pulling up the final month of analytics and performing some serious number crunching. While any digital marketer watches website analytics like a hawk throughout the year, those year-end results can help us to understand trends and related effects in a much broader context. As the new year begins, pursuing additional marketing strategies could help to increase your brand's reach across the web.

Video Marketing

In the past year, video marketing has made incredible strides in popularity, thanks to a few changes in the social media landscape. Videos are being prioritized on a variety of platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, but also the increased popularity of TikTok and YouTube have made video an absolute necessity in the world of digital marketing. By producing your video marketing collateral early in the year, you can build up a library of content that can be shared through the coming year.

Take a look at our page on video marketing to learn more about the content we can help you produce!

Facebook Ad

It's no secret that organic reach for Facebook posts has been steadily decreasing due to changes in the Facebook algorithm. Nowadays, social media platforms show ad content more often than organic content, meaning that even sizable audiences may only be getting their content out to a very small portion of their audience. By leveraging Facebook ads and post boosting, you can ensure your audiences are more likely to see the content you produce, as well as potentially increasing the size of your audience altogether.

Learn more about our Pay-Per-Click Advertising options at this link.

Google Ads

As we mentioned in a previous blog, it seems as though Google is also beginning to prioritize ads to the point where some organic search results may not appear above the fold at all. Google has several ad options that might help improve your site's reach: video ads, search ads, ads on the Google Display Network, and more. Purchasing a Google Ad gives your company a chance of showing at the absolute top of the page: before organic results even have a chance to appear.

Email Marketing

Despite the development of new tools and means to reach an audience in recent years, the tried-and-true strategy of communicating with your clients through email marketing is still extremely useful today. Whether you want to communicate about new services or products you offer, touch base on new industry information, or anything in between, an email newsletter is one surefire way to stay in the forefront of a customer's mind.

Learn more about email marketing by clicking here.

Mass Texting

In marketing, the name of the game is increasing reach and awareness of your brand and the services or products you offer. In certain situations, a quick text message may be preferable to a long-form email, and SMS marketing is a great option in many cases. You can use texts to send coupons, offers, news, and more!

If you'd like to try some of these strategies or any other service we offer in 2023, drop us a line today!

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