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How to Brainstorm Blog Topics

Blogs fit under the Content Marketing umbrella and are beneficial for so many reasons - and it's not just me being biased because I'm a writer. Blogs have the ability to reach a wider audience than your website might have done sitting idle, but they also give you the opportunity to gain authority, a following, and hopefully move up in Google's rankings! Now we know how important blogs are, but do you know how to come up with blog topics? It can be tough, so we outlined some different tools and techniques you can use to brainstorm engaging blog topics for your audience. 

Why have a blog?

Before we can dive into techniques for forming blog topics, you should know what purpose blogs serve. First, your blogs should answer questions. Is there a problem? Tell your audience how to solve it! Your blogs should be engaging and ultimately meet a need. If a blog isn't relevant to your audience, they won't read it and your hard work would have been in vain. Consider your audience, their needs, and what topics are most relevant to them. If you can be a resource to your readers, there's a good chance they'll call you when they need professional help. It's a win-win. 

Ask your Employees

Your employees or salespeople likely have the most contact with your customers, so they should be knowledgeable when it comes to both your prospective and current customer's most frequently asked questions. If more than one customer has asked for information on a certain topic, it might be a great blog idea. For example, we noticed our clients aren't quite sure how or why to "clean out" their computer. That's why we published a blog about it! 

Ask your Audience

No one knows what your audience wants to know more than your actual audience. Why not ask them? Perhaps come up with a couple of potential blog topics and create a survey on social media to learn what your clients are most interested in. Once the results are in, use the topic that gets the most votes. Don't forget to share the blog on the same social channel you used for the survey! 

Google Topics 

Have a couple of general ideas juggling around in your head but can't quite pinpoint how to narrow down your topic? Go to Google® and type in your general idea. See what pops up in the recommendations and use this as a guide to further narrow your blog topic. In the example below, you can see where I typed in "windows 7." From the results, we can conclude that many people are searching for information on the windows 7 end of life. That's why we wrote the blog, "Sunset of Windows 7 Coming January 2020" with information on what windows 7 users should know.

Interview Experts

Do you have someone either internally or externally with a wealth of knowledge on a topic relevant to your audience? Interview them and use this as an in-depth blog with information from an expert. In January we came up with several questions to ask our Chief Technology Officer, Scott Lavelle, for National Clean Up Your Computer Month. Click here to check out this interview-style blog for inspiration.

Look at Your Blog Topic History 

If you're just starting your blog, this won't apply to you just yet. However, if you have been publishing blogs for a while, take a look at which blogs got the most interaction. If a certain topic received a lot of attention, consider why you saw an increase in engagement. Look at writing another blog on the same general topic, but perhaps answer a different question for your readers. 

Ask for Help 

Brainstorming blog topics can be hard when you don't do it every day, but that's why we're here! We would love to put our brains together and come up with some awesome topics that will drive traffic to your website and engage your readers.

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