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Your online presence is all about credibility. From your social media, to your branding, to your SEO, they are all important components of making Google believe that you’re credible. If Google decides you’re credible, chances are a lot of potential customers will think the same.

So, how do directory listings fit into this? It’s another element that will help you gain credibility and a higher SEO ranking because consistent information shows higher credibility.

According to Google, one in three searchers are looking for a local business listing. Additionally, if someone comes across your listing, there is a good chance that they will call you and eventually give you their business. However, they cannot call you or come to your business if your number or address is listed incorrectly. Directory listings help send out the correct information to data aggregators that then send your information out to companies like Yelp and Yellow Pages.

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Directory listings are often forgotten about, but they are very important because you want to give potential customers the most accurate information possible. Would you want a billboard up on the highway with the wrong phone number on it?

In the busy shuffle of everyday business, it’s easy to forget about the little things. While you’re working on other important aspects of your business, we can keep track of your listings and make sure everything is perfect.

We can help you:

  • Keep your location, phone number, address, and hours up to date across various directories
  • Make sure your location is properly formatted and appears to your customers in a clean and professional way
  • Identify and delete duplicate listings
  • Stay aware of what your customers are saying about you
  • Make an individual landing page for your specific location

The importance of directory maintenance cannot be overstated. This is why you need a team like Technical Resource Solutions to help you confirm the accuracy of your listings while you focus on other day-to-day tasks.

Want to see how your business is listed across the internet? Our team can provide a complimentary directory scan to let you know where you're showing up in searches, where you aren't, and show you a plan to maximize your online presence. 

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