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Why should you take Training Classes?

For my first blog, I wanted to open a general discussion of why you should continue your education by taking training classes. Of course you can look on-line and find many statistcs and formal studies on the topic, but what does common sense dictate?

The first thing that seems obvious to me is so you can stay competitive in the job market. Things around us are changing very rapidly and though we cannot keep up with everything that is out there, we can educate ourselves on the things that are directly related, or that compliment, our career path and interests.  By dong this, you may have that extra something an employer is looking for that will set you above the other candidates either for a new position or a promotion within your current organization.  The second thing to consider would be how training can keep you motivated. To learn new things keeps your mind engaged. If you are engaged in what you are doing you will be motivated to complete it effectively, especially if you have a new innovative way to do it. Keeping the brain active is healthy! Finally, I would say that you should take training classes to learn. You may take a class on something you thought you would love and find that you don't really care for it. You've still learned something and when someone you want to interact with talks about it, you will be able to have a decent conversation with them. On the other hand, you may branch out and find a new interest; wouldn't that be great?

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