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You Can Be a Trainer

Are you the go-to person among your friends, family and peers on certain subjects? Do you like talking with people and showing them how to do things? Are you out going and comfortable speaking in front of groups?

These are all qualities of great trainers. While many trainers have gone to special classes to learn how to teach a topic, sometimes your natural affinity for a particular skill or technique, plus an outgoing personality is all you need to get in front of a class.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

• Establish your credentials. Do you have a degree or certification in the subject you plan to teach? Have you used the program or skill for a number of years? Did you help develop a program? Let your prospective students know. These accomplishments give you credibility and can help you get students.
• Create your curriculum. Start with an outline of the core points that you will teach and then fill in the details. The outline is useful for advertising the course. The details can help you determine how long the course will be and how much to charge. You can also use this document to help you create hand-outs and other reference material for your students.
• Find a place to teach. Some training can be done one-on-one, but when you have a group of people finding a great room is important. If you are teaching a computer course, make sure your location has a projector along with accommodations for computers, that means power outlets, Wi-Fi, and maybe even actual computers. A quiet environment with bathrooms and parking are also important. Finally, make sure the room can fit all of your students.

Lots of information and instructions can be found on the internet to do all kinds of things, but sometimes it takes one person talking to another person to make that information click. With a little bit of planning you can put together a course to help people truly master a new skill or program.

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