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Three Reasons to Make Training a Priority for Your Business

In our technology driven society the need for training would seem obvious. Most companies provide some kind of handbook, tutorial, or even on-the-job training for program and process changes.

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Don't Let a Commute Delay Training

It seems like when people are ready to improve their skill set or gain a new skill all together, they drive an hour or more to go to a training facility – that is, if there is not an online equivalent.

Hands-on training is a great way to learn. It helps students get a better grasp of the material faster. Plus, training outside of the usual office environment provides an opportunity to really focus.

But what if a student puts off training because they don't have the time, or perhaps the desire, to make the trek to the city? Don't put off essential training because of a long commute. Try a local training center!

Looking locally for training provides many benefits along with saving time and fuel on a long drive.

• Using a local training center gives students a more efficient way to follow up. In addition to email and telephone support, a student could drop in to the local center for additional face-to-face support as they need it.
• Training in the same town where people work provides great networking opportunities – everyone in the room can be a potential business connection, not just a classmate for a day or two.
• Local training centers are more likely to have a better variety of classes and offer them more frequently than nationally run centers. Sometimes it can be as easy as asking the training coordinator if there are more classes available then what is currently shown on the schedule.

Are you looking for a class on a national product or brand, but can't find it in your neighborhood? Ask for it! Big companies want their customers to get the training and information they need to continue to use their products. If they get a request from a specific area, they are likely come to the area to fill the need. If you have a training center in your community, ask them for the program you are looking for. Many times they have the resources to provide the class; they just need students to fill it.

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