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Invest Your Tax Refund – In Yourself!

Financial advisors often recommend that you put your tax refund in a retirement account or other investment. This is sound advice, but there are other ways to invest that money. Career training is a great investment to consider.

Taking a class is a safe way to help you determine if you should move into a career where you don't have a lot of first-hand knowledge.

People who want to further their current career can use their refund dollars to take classes to get them a new a certification or credential that will make them more appealing to potential employers or clients.

Training classes can even be relaxing if you take classes to support your hobbies.

Regardless of your reason for taking a class, make sure you take a few things into consideration before you sign up:

• How long is the class?
Can you block out a few hours or a full day? Will it require a longer commitment?

• Do you need to bring your own supplies?
Many classes have everything you need waiting when you walk through the door, or will ship the materials to you. However, some classes require you to bring a laptop or tablet. Other classes may require students to purchase specific textbooks.

• Do you need to have specific skills in order to take the class?
For example, if you are taking an advanced Excel class, make sure you have used Excel and are comfortable with the basics.

• Will you receive a certification when class is over?

If you are taking the class to fulfill a work requirement, make sure the training company or instructor is prepared to provide you with a receipt, certificate, or other proof that you completed the coursework.
Whether you take a class to advance your work, your hobbies or just to satisfy your curiosity, by asking a few questions up front you can make sure that you get the best investment possible when you hand over those tuition dollars.

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