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What to Look for in a Training Class or Seminar

Here are some tips to help you decide whether a seminar or training class is right for you:

• Timing: Is it an all day event? A breakfast or lunch learning session? A cocktail hour? If a growling stomach can distract your focus, make sure you select a session that either provides food, or is at a time of day when you can make sure you have already eaten. If the event is on a week day, make sure the time is conducive to your schedule, or book it far enough in advance to take a day off or make other arrangements to free up your time.
• Location: Is the session being held in a location that is convenient to you? Is there parking nearby? If the location is not close to home or work, that may be another reason to consider taking a day off. Do you like to dive in and get your hands dirty in a training class? Ask if the location has Wi-Fi so you can bring your own computer. Even better, do they have computers you can use?
• Materials: Will you get hand-outs or workbooks at the session? Should you bring business cards? Most course descriptions will tell you if you have to bring something to successfully complete the course as well as what materials the course includes.

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