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What to look for in a Trainer

Today there is a wealth information on the internet that shows people how to do all kinds of things; but sometimes it takes one person talking to another person to make that information click.

How do you find the person who can help you get to that "aha!" moment you need? You may think you have to go away to a high dollar education program, but sometimes asking a few questions up front can help you find that person in your own neighborhood.

A great place to start is at local training centers. Find out what they offer for your area of interest and then review the trainer bios. Check out their credentials, but then look for "soft" skills – that is their people skills. You'll find this information in reviews and testimonials.

Here are some of the traits you should look for:

• A trainer who is collaborative. Trainers very often enjoy working with other people and get inspired by trying to solve problems together, even if they already have the answer. Look for someone who is open to having back-and-forth conversations.
• Someone who is detail oriented. Sometimes skipping a little detail can frustrate someone learning something new. Trainers are familiar with all of those details and steer students back on track.
• A good listener. We all picture the teacher in front of the classroom or the person behind the podium talking. Trainers do a lot of that, too. But they also listen. A lot. Answering questions is a key component -- and it benefits both the trainer and the students. Trainers learn from the types of questions their students ask.

Finding a trainer who is skilled in both the subject you want to learn and working with students can make the difference in truly understanding something, or just gaining enough skills to get by. Asking a few key questions before enrolling in a class can make the difference for you.

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