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Need a Spa Day? Try a Training Class!

Equating a training class with a spa day may seem like apples and oranges, but the two have more in common than you may think.

For most people a trip to the spa is a special break from the usual and often comes after a period of high stress. People take the day to unwind and not think about anything other than the task at hand, whether that task is getting a massage, a mud bath or something else. Training offers a similar escape, especially if it occurs outside of the office.

Similar to spa policies, most instructors require students to turn off their cell phones. That means the usual distractions don't crop up and students can focus on what is happening in the class room. Even if the training class is advanced, not being tethered to a cell phone or email can go a long way to reduce stress.

A training class that comes after a major deadline or project has been completed can be seen as a reward for employees. They get out of the office and get to learn something new. Not only can this be a reward after a big assignment, employers can benefit, too. Learning a new skill or advancing a current one can spark an idea for an improvement or new project.

Having an employee returning to work excited to put new skills into action is a contagious benefit. Those employees can motivate the co-workers who held down the fort while they were out. Plus, they can develop leadership skills while at work as they pass along their new skills or spearhead the projects they proposed.

A day of training may not look like a day at the spa, but when employees return refreshed and inspired, any manager will be glad they sent their employees out for a day or two.

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