New Year, New Content: Is It Time to Spruce Up Your Website Copy?

Your website is a powerful tool. It's now 2021 and websites aren't just online business cards, but a direct source for information on your products or services, and one of the first things possible consumers view before they decide if they want to venture further down the sales funnel. It's your first impression, your voice, your brand, and probably a major contributor to the success of your business – even if you don't realize it. Many moving parts go into a website including design, development, SEO, responsive, and last but certainly not least, content. Since it's a new year, it may be time for new content. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you review your website copy.

1. What's the word count on each page? Many people ask, "How long should an article be?" Typically, you want each page of your website to have at least 300 words, though we recommend around 500 words when possible. The content needs to be useful to the reader and relevant to the website/page (not irrelevant rambling for the sake of word count). If an entire page consists of 10-50 words, search engines like Google probably won't find any real value in it, causing the page ranking to drop.

2. Is everything up to date? With potential customers looking at your website, you want to make sure it's as valuable for them as possible. This means keeping any prices, products, or services up to date as well as any other important/relevant information. Since you know your customers better than anyone else, you will have a good idea of what's important to them. 

3. Is your content layout scannable? While you want a substantial amount of written content, we don't recommend using paragraph form throughout your whole website. Consider adding bullet points, headers, and images. These not only add a design aspect to your website but can also help with your SEO. In 2019, we created a poll (pictured below) with 2 options: paragraph form or a page with headers, images, and bullet points. With 89% of our voters selecting the image on the right, it's safe to say that most people tend to lean towards a more scannable approach. 

Option 1
Option 2

4. Are there grammar mistakes and typos? Google doesn't look kindly upon frequent typos and grammar mistakes. Chances are, neither will your customers. To make sure you're adhering to a high level of professionalism and representing your brand in the best light possible, it's crucial to read over your content and make sure there aren't any mistakes you may have missed. 

5. How is your SEO? This can be a tough one. People have spent the last 15+ years dedicating their careers to implementing SEO best practices in hopes of ranking #1 in Google. With that being said, a quick how-to article doesn't quite do the trick. Our team members have experience and SEO certifications galore and would be happy to help you identify issues and help remediate them. 

6. Are there any opportunities to recycle copy? There's a lot of value in creating new content, but it's also productive to make content you already have even better – especially when it comes to blogs. If it's not broken, don't fix it. However, it will last longer if you take some time to polish it up and take good care of the work that you value. We have a great approach for how to methodically go through your old blogs, contact us to learn more!

7. When was the last time you refreshed your content? If it's been over a year since your content was written, it's time to revamp it. During the revamping process, it's important to update keywords and phrases while making your content as valuable as possible for your industry. 

There's always room for growth, and hopefully this will help you decide where your website may need some improvement. At Technical Resource Solutions, we're frequently updating old blogs and tweaking content for ourselves and our clients. We can help with any part of the process whether it be a complete rewrite, checking for grammar and typos, or working on SEO. 

We're always excited to help customers put their best foot forward on their website – now it's your turn! 

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