About Us

The Company

For more than 17 years, Technical Resource Solutions LLC has positioned itself to be a full-service technology service provider by offering managed IT solutions to companies both large and small in a way that frees up management and employees to focus on what really matters: their customers and getting work done. The team provides direction and implementation of hardware and software solutions, including desktop and laptop computers, onsite servers, cloud services and email systems for employees on a safe and secure network, plus monitoring and backup services to ensure everything runs smoothly. Beyond infrastructure, TRS also offers custom website design, development, SEO and digital marketing automation. This fully-integrated portfolio of technology related solutions is tailored to fit the needs of each and every client.
Technical Resource Solutions' Ribbon Cutting in Woodstock, GA

The Founders

Arlene Dickerson
Arlene DickersonChief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Scott Lavelle (1967-2021)
Scott Lavelle (1967-2021) Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

The IT Services Team

David Lee
David LeeTechnology Director
Harrison Jones
Harrison JonesTechnology Specialist Team Lead
Joseph Hogg
Joseph HoggTechnology Specialist
Scott Weaver
Scott WeaverTechnology Specialist

The Web Services & Digital Marketing Team

Al Such
Al SuchWebsite & Digital Marketing Team Lead
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer DavisWebsite Administrator
Rachel Mangum
Rachel MangumDigital Marketing Account Assistant

Shared Services

Wendy Swing
Wendy SwingAdministrative Coordinator