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Stefanie, Owner of Junk Drunk Jones wanted to upgrade from a blog to a full website for her growing business. With her new site she now has the ability to not only blog, but to show photos in her gallery by category to make it easier for her customers to see her inventory. The website has important information about her business as well as a Google map to easily find directions to come and visit her shop. Check out the new website at: https://www.junkdrunkjones.com

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Pier Lures wanted for a new and updated website that would allow them to do more. An updated ecommerce platform allows for a better admin and customer experience, a responsive website allows for a better user experience on phones or tablets, and Pier Lures is now running a current and supported version of Joomla!. Visit their new website at: https://pierlures.com/

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GreenSpec needed to a get a website put together for their landscape company that showed the products that they have on offer and also shows the products how they might be used.  Easy navigation was an important part up front, as was the ability to modify the site to allow it to grow to contain additional products and categories as they are added.

We built the site on the Joomla CMS so that these changes could be easily made by the staff at GreenSpec.  We used a Photo Gallery for easy update abilities and the flexibility of growing the products section.

We also used the Revolution Slider component to allow for flexible and complex front page items with call-to-action capabilities and smooth snimations to keep the visitor's attention.

You can check out the live site here: GreenSpec Website

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Melvin Land is a custom home builder and home renovation specialist based in Ellijay GA. He wanted a website with an easy way for people to contact him and the ability to showcase his projects and his background.

The Land's Construction Inc.website features a clean sophisticated look with easy to navagate menu items, a photo gallery and contact form.

Visit this site at http://www.gacustomhomes.com

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Family Life Publications is a monthly community magazine. The magazine's mission is to bring relevant, positive stories and timely information to its readers and to provide local businesses with a premium outlet for community-based advertising. We designed & developed a responsive website to assist them with many areas of their business. This site has a front page slider, a banner ad slider for their sponsors, a mega menu, event calendar, testimonial fader, social media feed, several different types of forms, multiple blogs with various authors, photo gallery and a directory for local officials, clubs, organizations and religious services. Visit Family Life Publications at http://familylifepublications.com/ 

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Elite Hardscape & Water Gardens wanted a new website that was able to capture the beauty of their landscape designs, ponds, hardscapes and waterfalls. They wanted to easily be able to add pictures and content to the site without spending a lot of time on it. We created a Joomla! website for them with a gallery so they could quickly add pictures and content so show off their custom creations. This site's Home page also has a slider to add movement & interest and spotlights that quickly navigate to the service area you are most interested in.

Elite Hardscape & Water Gardens designs and builds custom landscape, hardscape, ponds and waterfalls. They have over 35 years of experience and provide free consultations.

View their website at www.elitehardscape.com

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EZChem had a website when they came to us, but they had a lot of things that they wanted to modify about it but didn't have a way to.  Enter Joomla.

EZChem makes the chemicals that are used for staining, colorizing, and stripping concrete, among other things.  Their products are used by industry professionals, not by home owners so the site needed to appeal to the market that would be purchaseing the product.  There is information about all of the products available via easy-to-navigate multi-dropdown menus.  Also important on this site is the picture gallery, where there are images of the completed projects done using their products.  These are great pictures of stained concrete floors and plenty of other things.

Please check out their live site at EZChem USA

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Our office is in Downtown Canton, GA. We support our local merchants and wanted to contribute to the First Friday events with a way to let people know about the event.  So we built this website.  Typically, we do the graphics for the sites we built, but for this one, the graphics were designed by one of the other local merchants, Bleu Dame.  Since they did the flyers and yard signs for the event, we matched that design for the website, using bright colors and vintage/reto graphics.

Because this site was needed fast and we would be maintaining it, we used Xara Designer Pro to put this one together.  There is information about the event, pictures from the event, a merchant listing and contact information for vendors to sign up to participate.

Check out the live site here: Downtown First Friday Website

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