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Web Design Portfolio

Technical Resource Solutions designs websites that are attractive to look at, easy to navigate, and provide the functions needed for each individual circumstance.  Below are just a few of the sites in our extensive portfolio, along with some pictures and project highlights. All of our sites are custom to ensure your site is unique and matches your company branding. Please contact us for additional examples and more information.

Jennifer Maloney came to us and asked us to create a site for her company, JM Naturels to expose her product on the web and to allow for online sales.  We built her site so that it would be updatable by her, including both the content on the site itself as well as all of the product infomation, photos, pricing, and everything else related to the ecommerce part of the site. The design of the site was inspired by the colors and the "swirl" design common to the product labels as well as by several other high-end, brand name, skin care…
McGee Storage and Handling wanted a way to put a few specialized sites together to showcase a few of their many products. These sites were designed to be simple and to the point for each one's specific product-line. Since this was built using the Joomla system, one of the benefits is the flexibility to create another site similar to the first without the work involved in creating the first. The images below show the front page of each of the sites as well as a sample of the drop-down menu on the Pallet Racking site.
When Chris with Fewer Bugs, Inc. came to me asking to create a website for his company, knowing how cool his logo is (created by McStatt's Printing in Cartersville, GA), I had to create a site to go along with it. I was inspired by the comic-book character in the logo and the color scheme to come up with what's here. There is a section to learn about several common types of pests, as well as an integrated Blog. Xara Designer Pro was used for this site for both the graphics and the actual HTML output.
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