Microsoft Small Business Server

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Microsoft Small Business Server

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Small Business Server (SBS) allows businesses of any size to take advantage of many of the features that were previously only available to large businesses with sizable IT staffs and budgets - all in one affordable, integrated solution.

File and Printer Sharing

Keep all of your business information in one place, where it can be easily accessed and backed up. By having your data in one central location, all of your employees have a consistent access experience and you can be confident that your data is properly secured with user-specific permissions.

Internet Connection Share one Internet connection with all of your employees. With the Premuim version (described below), you also gain the benefits of controlling who can access the internet and what content is allowed. You can also produce reports, detailing Internet usage.

E-Mail SBS includes Microsoft Exchange Server, giving you robust e-mail capabilities. There are many advantages to this over traditional POP3 based systems such as Hotmail* or Gmail* including better security, centralized backup, and better management. You no longer have to worry about desktop hard drives dying that contain an individual's e-mail history or laptops getting lost or stolen. All of your mail is kept on the server and within your control. Additionally, using Exchange allows you to have shared contacts and calendars as well as comprehensive scheduling features. Exchange Server also includes Outlook Web Access (OWA), which is a web-based version of Outlook, allowing you to access your mail from anywhere with an Internet connection with the ease and feature-set of Outlook.

Remote Access

Work from home or other remote locations. SBS includes Routing and Remote Access, a feature that allows you to connect to the system over the internet easily and securely via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). With this type of connection, you can access all of your centrally located files, your e-mail (using Microsoft Outlook), and other shared resources, making your remote access experience similar to the office connection you are used to. A VPN can be established from most locations that have Internet access.

Internal Web Sites

SBS contains a feature called Sharepoint Services. Sharepoint provides you with a method of creating an internal web site (Intranet) for your employees. This Intranet allows you to have a single location for collaboration, document organization, announcements, alerts, discussion boards, and more.

Backup and Restore

SBS includes NTBackup, an application that lets you back up your data easily and on a schedule, and includes support for backing up your Exchange mail databases, your files, and with a little configuration, even your SQL databases. You can backup directly to disk or tape media and (for the most comprehensive backup plan), make additional copies of these backups off-site (see our Backups page for more information).

System Health Monitoring SBS includes features to monitor the health of your system. The Health Monitor application automatically keeps track of the details, such as server up-time, critical events in your logs, free disk space, memory usage, CPU usage, and more - and it creates a readable report each day that can be sent to the email address of the appropriate individual, keeping you up to date on pertinent errors and warnings.

Support for Mobile Devices

Keep in touch when you are away from the office. With Exchange support for Mobile devices, you can read and reply to mail received in your mailbox from your smart-phone or other hand-held device. Whatever activities take place from your mobile location are automatically reflected at your office. So, if you create a new contact or calendar appointment while you are out of the office, it will be shown in your Outlook when you return and your other employees will be able to immediately act accordingly with their own schedules, without the need to wait for you to return to manually "sync" to the server. It's almost like being in two places at once!

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