Documentation & Inventory

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Documentation & Inventory



Documentation of your systems is very important. It's commonly overlooked and the only time it seems to be needed is when things go wrong and a service provider is hired to correct problems. Without documentation, every computer, file store, process, and backup must be identified each time to be able to effectively determine what variables may be involved in the issues you are experiencing. It is not uncommon, for example, for an internet domain name to expire (such as technicalrs.com), causing your web site and email to be unavailable for what may amount to days of downtime. This happens primarily due to lack of documentation.

We can document your systems so that you know what you have as well as what things need to be updated or replaced due to age or support expiration.


While not typically as detrimental to the daily operations of your business as documenting what you have, keeping an inventory of both hardware and software is very important. By having an up-to-date list of what you own, it is easy to determine what hardware needs to be retired, what software needs to be updated due to obsolescence, and allows you to more easily stay compliant with licensing requirements.

We can establish and keep current an inventory of your systems and software.