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Scott Lavelle, MCSE

Scott Lavelle, MCSE

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Which AntiVirus Software Should I Use?

I often get the question "which AntiVirus or AntiMalware software should I use?".  It's a difficult one to answer because there are so many new threats introduced each day and none of the packages out there are going to catch everything.  There are a lot to choose from as well, and some of what's out there purporting to be antivirus programs are actually viruses themselves.


I did a short presentation this morning about Windows Small Business Server 2008. Whenever I talk about the number of things that this system brings to the table, I get really excited for the small business owner with whom I'm potentially going to be working because it's so common to come across offices that have a lot of technology investments but aren't utilizing them to improve their business processes and boost their overall productivity. Instead, they (and often their employees) feel unproductive, and sometimes even "beaten" by their computers. They believe "this is just the way it is with computers".

If you were at my presentation on April 21, 2010 and would like an electronic copy (pdf) of the document I handed out, here's a link to Microsoft's website where it came from:

I have uploaded a new video showing an interesting new feature of Windows 7 and that is "pinning" windows to the sides of the display. This is a useful feature that allows you to quickly and easily place two windows on the screen side by side for comparison, copying and pasting data, or many other reasons.

Rather than write a bunch of text for something that is very visual in nature, I decided that I would capture some screen recordings of a few of the new features in Windows 7.

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