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Sniffing Out the Benefits of Windows 10

560461691508eMicrosoft tried to do too many things, too soon with Windows 8. Its desktop "tiles" resembled those used on a tablet or phone, but they confused people. Tablets were trendy, but crossovers were like genetically modified cats (the horror!); nobody knew quite what to do with them.

After being swatted on the nose often enough over Windows 8, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 this year. It's the first true hybrid version of an operating system that shares the best features of a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, and an XBox One. Think of it as the Labradoodle of the tech world: loyal, friendly, easy to bond with, but without the endless shedding and whatever it is that makes people sneeze.

What's so right about Windows 10?
Universal Usability – Windows 10 is compatible with PC, tablet, phone, and XBox One devices.

Cloud – Windows 10 files default to Cloud-based services and data storage, so users can sync all of the devices on their Microsoft account without having to rely on a jump drive or other external devices.

Automatic Switch Between Modes – for folks who have tablets with a keyboard, or computers with touchscreen technology, apps switch seamlessly between modes.

Return of the Start Menu – that tile thing was confusing, and forcing people to use it made them very unhappy. Windows 10 users can choose the traditional Start Menu or "Tablet Mode," which resembles the Windows 8 tiles (but is easier to use).

Cortana – a personal digital assistant that users can talk to as they search the Web, write and send emails, and more.

Enhanced Gaming Performance – allows gamers to stream any XBox One game to any Windows 10 PC or tablet on the same network.

Edge – one of the new features – a browser that allows for social sharing, and reading pages offline.

Of course, people always have personal preferences, but with the way everyone is raving about it, Windows 10 gets my vote for Best In Show!

Last modified on Thursday, 19 November 2015 19:17

Sadie Alida DaVita Lavelle

Sadie Alida DaVita Lavelle

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