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When someone meets you for the first time, it's likely that they are making a lot of assumptions about you based on your appearance: the clothes you wear, how you style your hair, the car you drive. Whether they choose to do business with you often is based on their first impression, even before you say a word.

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Sharon Saffold is an inspirational, motivational speaker.  She needed a website put together for "The Giant Event", a movement of people changing other people's outlooks by recognizing them as Giants in their lives; individuals who have made a big difference.  Her book "Able Giants" was also released at the same time as this site.  She has compiled a list of people who have inspired her and included their stories on the pages of the site.  Along with each Giant is a scholarship that people can sign up for.

This site, like most of ours, was built with Joomla 2.5.  For this site, we went through a few designs before settling on the one it went live with.  We got a great logo from McStatt's Printing to start with, so we pulled the colors from that and her book cover to build the foundation of the site.  From there, we also added part of the book cover as the background of the site.

This site contains a list of Giants, each with their own scholarship signup for, which collects information about the individual as well as a file upload in some cases for them to submit a qualifying essay.  The site also includes a blog and will soon be expanded with a picture gallery - it may already be there by the time you read this.  We included an Ecwid ecommerce cart as well to sell the two books and future speaking DVDs and other products.  The blog on this site is also setup with an RSS feed which automatically updates the Facebook page and the company twitter profile.

As we typically do with a Joomla sites, training on how to use the Joomla administrator back-end was included, so that all features are updatable by Sharon directly.

Please check the site out here and let us know what you think: The Giant Event

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Our office is in Downtown Canton, GA. We support our local merchants and wanted to contribute to the First Friday events with a way to let people know about the event.  So we built this website.  Typically, we do the graphics for the sites we built, but for this one, the graphics were designed by one of the other local merchants, Bleu Dame.  Since they did the flyers and yard signs for the event, we matched that design for the website, using bright colors and vintage/reto graphics.

Because this site was needed fast and we would be maintaining it, we used Xara Designer Pro to put this one together.  There is information about the event, pictures from the event, a merchant listing and contact information for vendors to sign up to participate.

Check out the live site here: Downtown First Friday Website

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When Chris with Fewer Bugs, Inc. came to me asking to create a website for his company, knowing how cool his logo is (created by McStatt's Printing in Cartersville, GA), I had to create a site to go along with it.  I was inspired by the comic-book character in the logo and the color scheme to come up with what's here.

There is a section to learn about several common types of pests, as well as an integrated Blog.

Xara Designer Pro was used for this site for both the graphics and the actual HTML output.

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