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Arlene Dickerson-Lavelle

Arlene Dickerson-Lavelle

Arlene is Co-owner / Director. She is an Excel power user and is your contact for Website Design and Training Services.

Many jobs require continuing education to remain licensed. Doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, engineers and even teachers all have to prove that they are keeping their skills sharp.

Unfortunately, due to busy schedules a lot of us put off that training until the end of the year – a time that is already busy with holidays and deadlines. Scheduling your continuing education classes in advance can give you a number of advantages.

Here are some tips to help you decide whether a seminar or training class is right for you:

When dealing with large amounts of data in an Excel worksheet, you often need to use the Split Screen item on the ribbon or menu. This option divides your screen into 4 sections and allows you to scroll through these sections while keeping other sections of your worksheet visible.

New Year's Resolutions

Most of us make New Year's resolutions and typically they include something about starting the new year out by getting organized. That thought usually includes going paperless because as we start the process of getting organized, we find the paper notes we have taken throughout the previous year(s) and are overwhelmed. Microsoft has a product available called OneNote and if you have ever used a spiral notebook, you can use this.

When dealing with large amounts of data in an Excel workbook, you often need to use the Freeze Panes item on the ribbon. This option allows you to keep a certain area visible as you scroll to other parts of your worksheet. You can freeze rows, columns or both rows and columns.

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